2017 Speaker's Short Biography & Presentation Topic

2017 Speaker William Foos

Credentials - MBA, CPP, PSP, Senior Director of Security and Safety Services at Gannett Fleming, Inc.

Mr. Foos is an Army veteran of 27 years with both active and reserve military police experience. Deployed twice in support of Operation Noble Eagle (2001-2002) and Operation Iraqi Freedom (2004-2005). A security consultant of 14 years, helped found three successful businesses, and developed intellectual property; a.) software data management program called "ARMET", and b.) a novel golf putting training aid called "PuttStop". His experience in the field of security has helped him lead and consult with a number of state, federal, and private entities over the past 14 years in developing and improving security programs. Some recent notable projects include security consulting work on both the Panama Canal and the California Aqueduct, and assisting in the development of security guidelines for NYC's World Trade Center.  

Topic - Cyber Security

Today (2017) security threats predictions run the gamut, of ransomware, sophisticated hardware and firmware attacks, attacks on “smart home” IoT devices, the use of machine learning to enhance social engineering attacks, and an increase in cooperation between industry and law enforcement. Let alone the personal affects that it has on our family and children who are going up with this technology. The presentation will review some of the benefits achieved by going to an online society, while reviewing some of the societal and personal risks we are living with daily. Additionally, discuss some security strategies that we can take to better secure our identities, lives, protect our children, and our society from cyber threats.