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Technical Achievement

 Robert Gray 2014 Technical Achievement

Dr. Robert A. Gray has been selected by the Central Pennsylvania Engineers Week Council to receive the 2014 Technical Achievement Award. Robert is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). He is employed with Penn State Harrisburg.

Robert Gray was born and raised in Erie, Pennsylvania.  He attended secondary school at McDowell High School in Millcreek, Pennsylvania and enlisted in the United States Air Force.  While in the military he received military specialized training in avionics inertial navigation and doppler radar, and was stationed in Fairbanks, Alaska to support the Strategic Air Command's KC-135 Alaskan tanker task force and RC-135 Cobra Ball reconnaissance missions from the Aleutian island of Shemya Air Force Base, Alaska.

Following his military enlistment, he graduated summa cum laude from Ohio University in Electrical Engineering.  He worked as the primary GPS avionics systems engineer for the F-16 aircraft program office and as an avionics sensor-fusion research engineer at the United States Air Force Laboratory at Wright Patterson Air Force in Dayton, OH.  During this time, he graduated with a Master's degree in Electric Engineering specializing in stochastic estimation and guidance and control systems from the Air Force Institute of Technology and the Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Ohio University, specializing statistical electrical communications and electromagnetics.

Bob returned to Erie, Pennsylvania and worked for GE Transportation Systems as a Train Control engineer working in remote control locomotive systems and later in a support role for the remote monitoring and diagnostics of rail locomotives. Wanting to share his knowledge and experience to further the areas of avionics and electrical engineering with young people, Robert began a new career in 1999 at the Pennsylvania State University, where he works as an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at Penn State Harrisburg and as the Director of the Center for Communication, Navigation and Information Systems at the Larson Transportation Institute at University Park, PA.  He has been a faculty member at Penn State for approximately 15 years.

Bob teaches courses in systems engineering, embedded microcontrollers, analog and digital electronics, engineering design and introductory courses in Matlab software programming.  His research involves the design, building and testing of electro-mechanical embedded systems used in transportation systems.  His technical accomplishments have been in the concept and advanced design of synthetic vision systems; these same systems have helped advance aircraft and rail transportation safety by providing accurate spatial awareness to pilots and rail operators in all weather conditions such as blizzards or dense fog; these same systems have now been built with successful proof-of-concept flight testing by NASA-Langley. 

Bob's technical achievements have earned  three US patents and more than thirty related publications towards the advancement of transportation systems safety.

Robert and his wife, Marybeth Gray have four children.  He enjoys sailing, nature and outdoor life.


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