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Engineer of the Year

Hugh Archer 2012 Engineer of the Year

Hugh V. Archer, Ph.D., P.E., DEE, F. ASCE has been selected by the Central Pennsylvania Engineers Week Council to receive the 2012 Engineer of the Year Award. Hugh is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and is employed with Mavickar Environmental Consultants, Inc.

Mavickar Environmental Consultants, founded by Hugh Archer in 1999, is an environmental engineering firm specializing in providing industrial, agricultural, municipal, and land development clients with comprehensive environmental engineering support in the design/permitting and construction of water and wastewater facilities.

Prior to his association with Mavickar Environmental Consultants, Inc., Hugh was appointed by Governor Tom Ridge and served as the Deputy Secretary for Water Management in the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) from 1995-1999. Hugh‟s credo that "The sustainability of real socio-economic growth necessitates the protection and enhancement of environmental quality" has been instrumental in his redefining and implementing water quality environmental standards and programs for the citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for more than 20 years. As Deputy Secretary for Water Management, Hugh was responsible for directing both the federally delegated and Commonwealth‟s water management programs; including water quality management, water resources, drinking water, sewage and industrial waste facilities, storm water, dam safety, flood control and wetlands. In this capacity he managed an annual budget exceeding $100 million. He was instrumental in the reorganization of DEP‟s water management programs to re-focus efforts on watershed protection; biosolids management, concentrated animal feeding operations and stream assessment and remediation. He created the statewide Citizen Volunteer Monitoring Program and the nation‟s first Senior Environmental Corps.

Hugh also served as the Regional Director of the Department‟s Southcentral Region from 1989-1995 and also worked in DER‟s Southwest Regional Office from 1979-1990 as a Sanitary Engineer and then as Regional Water Quality Manager. Prior to joining the Department of Environmental Protection, Dr. Archer worked in senior-level engineering positions, in private consulting, and government, relative to solid waste management, water quality, air pollution, and public health programs in Jamaica.

Hugh is an Adjunct Professor at Penn State University and is the Johns Hopkins University Instructor for the Engineering Innovations Program at SciTech in Harrisburg. He serves as Chair of the Pennsylvania Water Environment Association"s Government Affairs Committee.







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