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2009 Engineer of the Year

Russell E. Horn Sr. 2009 Engineer of the Year

Russell E. Horn, Sr. has been named Engineer of the Year for 2009 by the Central Pennsylvania Engineers Week Council. Mr. Horn has created jobs and incomes for countless thousands of people and their families. He helped them grow as individuals and as an organization. He put them on a successful course for the future.

The company's five subsidiary organizations currently employ more than 573 persons in 32 offices throughout the eastern United States and in Germany. Mr. Horn celebrated his 96th birthday on May 4, 2007.

After serving in Italy as a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army during World War II, Mr. Horn returned to York, Pennsylvania in 1945. He joined his boyhood friend, Clair Buchart, in a small business that eventually grew to become Buchart-Horn, Inc. Mr. Horn became the first president of that consulting engineering and planning firm in 1955. He retired from the U.S. Army as a full Colonel in 1963.

During his 63-year career, Mr. Horn founded and was the first president of Print-O-Stat, Inc. in 1954, B-H Laboratories in 1968 and B-H Computer Systems, Inc. in 1969. On November 1, 1970, Mr. Horn formed PACE Resources, Inc. as a corporation that provides management support services to the firm's professional and retail subsidiary organizations. Those services include accounting, financial services, human resources and corporate communications.

The Pennsylvania State University honored Mr. Horn in 1990 as an Alumni Fellow. A 1933 civil engineering graduate, he was among only 26 graduates of the College of Engineering to win that recognition out of an alumni base of approximately 56,000 individuals since 1973, the inception of the Alumni Fellows program.

In 1984, Mr. Horn became a member of the University's prominent Mount Nittany Society and in 1987 was named an Outstanding Engineering Alumnus by the College of Engineering. He is a charter member of the Board of the Penn State Civil and Environmental Engineering Society and with his wife established the Russell and Eleanor Horn Scholarship in Engineering.

In 1990, Mr. Horn was named as a finalist in the Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware Valley's Entrepreneur of the Year Competition sponsored by Ernst & Young, Merrill Lynch and Inc. Magazine. He was placed in the Master Entrepreneur of the Year Competition for “those companies that acquired significant maturity.”

In addition to the remarkable energy Mr. Horn poured into his companies, he also found time for community service. He served six years as Chairman of the Board of the York County Chapter of the American Red Cross. Through the years, Mr. Horn has devotedly served the Calvary United Methodist Church of York in every official capacity available to members of the congregation. He is also a life member of the York County Agriculture Society.

A 32° Mason, Mr. Horn received the Legion of Freedom Award and the “Order of the Double Eagle” from the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

Throughout his 63-year career as a civil engineer by profession and entrepreneur by circumstance, Mr. Horn has endeavored for the highest standards of achievement.

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